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physiotherapy services

offering a wide variety of services to treat different conditions at clients' homes, their offices, at the clinic or online



sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy is the treatment of a wide range of injuries, disorders and conditions affecting your joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. Our service begins with a comprehensive medical and anatomical assessment to diagnose the root cause of your limitations.

Utilising  bespoke hands-on treatment involving myofascial release and joint mobilisation, we can help restore movements and dampen pain signals. After reducing tension in your body, we will re-educate your optimal movement strategies and prescribe an individualised corrective exercise programmes to enable you to build on those recovery gains.

With years of experience, we provide a personal approach to physiotherapy treatment, and are committed to helping you feel better and to help you reach your full potentials in the comfort of your own home.

clinical pilates

healing the mind and body through power of movement.

Our physio-led pilates aim to correct movement patterns and body imbalances by focusing on advocating high-quality movements targeting core strength, pelvic stability, muscle control, flexibility and body awareness. In combination with our clinical expertise, we can help you rehabilitate from injuries, develop proper movement habits and sculpt your body.

acupuncture & dry needling

a modern approach to ancient chinese techniques.

Where Western science meets Eastern tradition. Acupuncture and dry needling is effective in stimulating an inflammation response as means to elevate the body's innate ability to heal. It helps dampen pain signals and eliminate trigger points found in tight muscles involved in numerous acute and chronic conditions.

When treating complex cases, Acupuncture needling provokes the production of endorphins and oxytocin, the body's own pain- and stress- relieving chemicals. It also promotes sleep by stimulating the release of melatonin and encourages a sense of well-being by stimulating the release of serotonin. Acupuncture is often offered as part of a physiotherapy treatment session.

online coaching.

customised goal-orientated training programme.

Unlock your full potential with our 1:1 online coaching service​ tailored to meet your unique fitness goal. Whether you are struggling to establish a structured 16-week training programme after signing up to a half-marathon race, or would like understand the drivers of your previous injuries and learn what you can do to stay injury-free, we are here to guide you every step of the way.


sports massage

accelerate healing and recovery.

Sports Massage implements specific manual techniques to help obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning with reduced risk of injury or pain. It promotes oxygenation and metabolite transportation to the treated areas. It speeds up tissue healing and recovery after a workout or event.

Upon request, the Theragun® percussive therapy can deliver a whole new dimension to the treatment. Its 16mm amplitude can treat deep within the muscle to release tension, while its high percussion frequency of 40/sec can override pain signals to the brain. All in all, it eases stress and boosts overall wellbeing.

> list of specialties

We are dedicated to provide comprehensive care for a diverse array of conditions such as sports injuries, trauma and orthopaedic issues and musculoskeletal conditions.

Sports Injuries

Neck and Back Pain

Gait/Running Analysis

Tendon Rehabilitation

Hip and Knee Conditions

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Shoulder and Elbow Conditions

Foot and Ankle Conditions

Falls Prevention & Elderly Care

Strength & Conditioning

Corrective Exercise Prescription

Postural Correction

  • How long is a Physiotherapy appointment?
    You have the option to choose 45- or 60-minute appointments. We recommend initial appointments to be 60 minutes to allow time for an in-depth assessment, treatment and discussion to map out your road to recovery.
  • Where do you offer your services?
    We offer physiotherapy consultations at the comfort of your own home within Greater London, UK. You can book our mobile physiotherapists right to your door.
  • How often should I see a Physiotherapist?
    That’s usually depends on the prognosis of your condition. During your initial consultation, your physiotherapist will map out a plan for your recovery, with a suggested number of follow-up appointments over a longer period.
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