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James is quite simply brilliant. Professional, friendly, patient and kind. From the very first session he put my injury anxiety completely at ease; set goals, listened to my concerns and made helpful and positive suggestions for getting me back to pain free movement. How awful I felt arriving and how different I felt when I left, all because he took the time to listen. I've seen so many physios and this genuinley is one session that changed so much for me. He went above and beyond and it's really stuck with me. His genuine passion to help is easy to see and I would recommend to anyone.

Meg. M

James is a fantastic professional whose insights into human muscular and physiotherapeutic knowledge has, impressively, helped put me back at the heart of my super physical active life style that was threatened by a nasty ankle ligament injury and back/sciatic nerve disturbance. Even walking was so excruciatingly painful. From the first assessment, he precisely diagnosed a time span of treatment, along with pertinent tailored exercises that lived up and exceeded all expectations. He is a fabulous and extremely knowledgeable professional whose services are hereby highly recommended, in all honesty, by me. He put me back on track within his predicted time-frame. Simply superb!

Mpaka K.

I went to visit James a couple months ago after suffering from really bad neck pain for a few weeks. I wasn’t able to move my neck much and exercise because of this pain. James spent a lot of time explaining to me what had happened and went through so many exercises to help the pain, and loosen the stiffness. I’m so happy I went to James, my neck was better in a matter of days!! Highly recommend to anyone who needs a physio session - he’s a great listener too!

Nikita D.

I have found James to be an excellent physiotherapist. He is knowledgeable, diligent, patient and kind. Added to that, I appreciate his goal setting, no nonsense approach and most of all his optimism. His instructive online programme aimed at helping my knee have also been very helpful in aiding my recover. For all of the above, he is highly recommended.

Paula R.

Thank you so much for looking after my calves and achilles over the last few weeks and months. I am so grateful for your guidance and support and I don't think I would have been so successful at Nationals without it. I played all 7 games in 3 days and bar some niggles, my achilles held up well. We also came away as National Champions and I got selected for the Senior Women's England Team for the European Champions this summer. I couldn't have asked for more!

Nicola M.

England Touch Rugby Team

Have been training with James Kwok for nearly a year and I can only recommend. He is a pleasure to train with and incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful, with a relaxed style and very effective approach. Only one warning - he loves split squats too much!

Andrea M.

James Kwok is undoubtedly one of the top sports physios in London . He is extremely good at diagnostics and pinpointing any issues however complex. His soft tissue work is excellent but his ability to go to the cause of the problem makes him an outstanding physiotherapist. He always comes up with innovative rehab programmes which are changed as often as required. Highly recommended.

Sam F.

Have had such a great experience with Mayfair Health, in particular my physiotherapist James Kwok. Couldn't recommend him more. I wouldn't have been able to complete my summer trekking expedition without his help and treatment plan. Thanks James!

Chand M.

To all dislocated shoulders out there, look no further than James Kwok. I started seeing James right after my shoulder injury. Luckily no surgery was required and I have to say a good reason for that was the great progess achieved during my physio sessions. James is very patient and explains everything that is involved in the recovery process to an extended level of detail. I really appreciated his approach and positive mindset throughout my time. Thanks James for your help with my shoulder!

Davide R.


Received an accurate diagnoses and programme for rehabilitation of recurring achilles tendon injury (on and off for 2+ years).

Following James' programme for a few months, I was able to recover from my achilles injury and continue with exercise (going back to the gym, climbing, several long hikes) without pain or further injury.

Not only was James professional, knowledgable and caring, he also helped me understand the principles of tendon recovery and strengthening that underlied my rehabilitation programme. These lessons will be helpful beyond the achilles injury, for future injury prevention.

Would 100% recommend James' services and I will certainly return to him if I am ever in need of a physio in the future.

David Z.

I consider my case a relatively complex one having had three shoulder operations, but my issues have improved substantially since I started physio programme. I previously had physio in other places and I can confidently say that the quality of service is many levels up in Mayfair Physio. More specifically, I have been working with James for several months now and his approach is continuously tailored to my needs. As a result, my shoulder’s functionality has improved and we are now also working on strength. I have learnt a lot from James these past few months, he is very diligent and extremely knowledgeable and perceptive of the nuances of my condition, which provides me with a solid support system so I can manage my situation better, and for that I am thankful to him.

Olivia T.

I was really worried about the pain in my right leg so I decided to make an appointment with a physio. James took the time to understand my injury and persistently checked with several movements to find exactly where the pain was. I noticed he managed the situation with knowledge and with safe movements. Then, he explained to me what was going on with my muscle and prepared a workout plan accordingly. It was exactly what I needed. James helped me get back to feeling confident in my movements.


Thank you for helping me recovery from the injury to my right leg! Your exercises were what I needed to get the muscles stronger again around my knee where I had experienced pain and stiffness. When the injury had not healed itself after 8-10 weeks before I sought physio!

Adam B.

James was very helpful when I needed to be seen by a physiotherapist. After waiting ages for the NHS to assign me one I decided to go private and found James. He was super quick to respond and came to my home and gave me a lot of actionable advice and a diagnosis. After seeing him I recovered in a week! Highly recommend!

Smith S. T.

I saw James when I was having issues with my L1 and L2, and was struggling to walk due to the pain. He was very professional and took time to make an assessment, then treated me. I left with considerably less pain, more movement in the affected area and a bunch of info on stretches and exercises I can do in my own time to help heal. James is very knowledgeable and I 100% recommend him.

Marita P.

James is an amazing physio therapist who helped me a lot with my pain and muscle stiffness. He is professional, friendly and very competent. He designed a program for me and at the end of each sessions he gave me a list of exercise to repeat every other day. He is so good that my husband is also seeing him now! I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Pamela F.

I had 4 physio sessions with James earlier this summer to help with lower back and shoulder pain. The hands on sessions and “homework” exercises helped to solve the issues really quickly. I’ve recently used James for sports massage to help me get back to full fitness. Highly recommend James for both physio and massage.

James N.

James was amazing! He got right to the issue immediately, reassured me by explaining the injury cause, course of treatment and likely recovery timeline. Super knowledgeable and also a lovely person I was extremely satisfied with every element of his service.

I was injured from training. I have seen many physios and James was the first one to actually diagnose me without my having to tell him the diagnosis beforehand!

Gessica H.

I’ve been going to Mayfair Health for a few months now and have had a great experience. I’ve worked primarily with James Kwok and he’s been phenomenal is coaching through the rehab of my right wrist after a football injury. He’s been extremely knowledgeable and helpful with exercises and when to push / hold back. I’m now functioning like normal and owe him a lot of that success!

Justin L. 

I was fortunate to be referred to James Kwok, he is a remarkable physiotherapist, has been an invaluable support in my ongoing recovery from a road traffic accident that left me suffering with knee injuries, mobility restrictions, and constant pain. As an ongoing patient, I cannot praise James enough for his remarkable skills as a physiotherapist. His expertise and commitment to my well-being are truly exceptional. From our first consultation, James demonstrated his understanding of my condition and provided a thorough assessment, leading to highly effective treatments. With his diverse range of methodologies including acupuncture, massage therapy, and Pilates, James ensures that every aspect of my recovery is addressed comprehensively. His dedication to my progress, motivation, and focus on long-term sustainability have been invaluable. Moreover, James creates a welcoming environment that encourages open communication and trust. I highly recommend James as a physiotherapist with confidence in his abilities and positive impact.

Suri H.

I really appreciate the way you confidently brought me from a low point where I wondered if I'd really be able to run again through to today when I'm back to being as active as I was prior to my injury. Thank you!

Nick A.

Have been training with James Kwok for nearly a year and I can only recommend. He is a pleasure to train with and incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful, with a relaxed style and very effective approach. Only one warning - he loves split squats too much!

Andrea M.

Massively recommend. James was great throughout my physio process, from explaining background to injury to support through the rehab process. Always happy to answer any questions and really focusing on recovery exercises and how to track improvement.

Paul N.

James was brilliant. Super professional & very positive energy. I started not being able to run for the bus and by the time I finished physiotherapy with him a few months later, I managed to run a half marathon.

Claudio L.


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