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James Kwok Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic and musculoskeletal specialist based in London to help you move better, perform better and live pain-free.

Pain and tension in joints, muscle and nerves can be eliminated through the combination of hands-on manual therapy and specific corrective exercises.


Reduce Pain


Restore Movements

Retrain and restore proper and movement patterns by improving neuromuscular coordination, balance, stability and motor control.

Future-proof your body by helping you better understand preventative lifestyle medicine, to develop healthy habits that can help prevent future injuries or diseases.


Recovery Faster


Optimise Health

Accurate diagnosis of the root cause of your pain and effective treatment approaches will help you get back to doing things you love in a timely manner.


Providing bespoke diagnostic assessment and rehabilitation plans personalised to you to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Available both in-person and online.

clinical pilates.

Physiotherapist-led pilates with the aim to develop proper movement habits and correct body imbalances by focusing on high-quality movements targeting strength, stability, balance, flexibility and body awareness.

acupuncture &
dry needling.

A Western approach to traditional Chinese acupuncture to help reduce pain, relieve muscle tension (trigger points) and accelerate tissue healing process.

customised programming.

Providing individualised programme to optimise your joint mobility, muscular strength and exercise performance.


Consultations to discuss your queries related to university applications, personal statements, interview tips, course content, work experience in sports, career pathways and much more.

My Story

Hello! I'm a registered physiotherapist specialised in treating sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. My aim is not only help you recover from aches and pain, but to also encourage you to change the way to care about your body and prevent future injuries.

What Clients Have To Say
James is quite simply brilliant. Professional, friendly, patient and kind. From the very first session he put my injury anxiety completely at ease; set goals, listened to my concerns and made helpful and positive suggestions for getting me back to pain free movement. How awful I felt arriving and how different I felt when I left, all because he took the time to listen. I've seen so many physios and this genuinley is one session that changed so much for me. He went above and beyond and it's really stuck with me. His genuine passion to help is easy to see and I would recommend to anyone.
Meg M.
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