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bespoke one-on-one coaching

student/new graduate
mentoring consultation

consultation for university applications queries.

During our 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, we will discuss all your queries related to university (or job) applications, personal statements, interview tips, course content, career pathways, work experience in sports and much more. We will also break down clinical case studies for you to better understand the reality of the career.

Commonly asked questions:

  1. 'Should I study Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy?'

  2. 'What should I include in my personal statement, and how should I structure it?'

  3. 'What are the interviews like? What are they going to ask?'

  4. 'How can I gain work experience in sports setting while studying?'

Mentee Feedback

I had the opportunity to get to talk to James for some counselling on physiotherapy as a career and I was glad to find it more helpful than I expected. Other than his own personal experience and professional knowledge, I was able to feel James' passion and enthusiasm for his career, which also influenced me and motivated me as well. I would not have been able to obtain some of the insights and experiences that he provided without being able to personally talk a physio like him and I am grateful for the experience.

I found James on Instagram and I found his content and professionalism very impressive, which inspired me to book an appointment with James to see what I would be able to gain from it. I have previously seen and talked to several physiotherapists before, but this was an entirely new experience.

Since I know some friends who are also interested in the field of physiotherapy and are already studying the course, I will definitely tell them about my experience here and recommend them to check out James' Instagram page if they are interested or if they feel like they want some advice on physiotherapy as well.

Sean C.

Offer holder for BSc. Physiotherapy at King's College London, Brunel University and University of East Anglia

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